Our Spring Newsletter Update covers the period from July to September 2023.

Following a robust first half of the year, financial markets relinquished some of their gains during the third quarter, with a continued focus on inflation, interest rate expectations, and the future growth outlook. While it appears that the interest rate hike cycle may have concluded in many countries, uncertainty prevails regarding the speed at which interest rates might decrease in the coming months and years.

In our market commentary, we delve into several crucial aspects of the New Zealand economy, including key commodity prices, the residential housing market, and interest rates. In the section on significant market movements, we offer a detailed analysis of the primary drivers behind the recent quarterly returns.

Our feature article examines the current hype around businesses shifting their focus toward artificial intelligence and draws parallels with historical periods to glean insights from past experiences.

To download the pdf version of our newsletter please click on this link 2023.Q3 Economic Commentary – Lyford

Anticipate our Summer newsletter, scheduled for release in mid-January 2024.

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