The conclusion of the year brought about notably positive outcomes, with the final quarter yielding strong returns across diverse asset classes, thereby enhancing the favorable performance of investment portfolios.

Within this update, our primary article offers an insightful overview of the last quarter, spotlighting key themes such as the prevailing trends in inflation and interest rates, the impact of positive migration, and the accomplishments of the ‘Magnificent 7’ leading US technology companies.

To provide a deeper understanding of market dynamics, the section on key market movements delves into comprehensive summaries of market returns not only for the quarter but also over extended time periods.

The highlighted article, titled ‘2023: Another year that defied the experts,’ takes a retrospective look at market projections from the beginning of the preceding year. It underscores the potential confusion and pitfalls associated with placing excessive reliance on so-called “expert forecasters” when making financial decisions.

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