As the world moves towards post-Covid recovery, the focus is shifting towards combating inflation and ensuring economic resilience. Central banks are facing a delicate balancing act between addressing inflationary pressures while avoiding pushing their economies into recession.

In the first quarter of 2023, investment markets performed well, providing positive returns for investors who remained invested. However, in the short term, uncertainty and market volatility are expected to persist until the global fight against inflation is resolved.

The feature article in our newsletter explores the impact of rising interest rates on borrowers and suggests some strategies that may help offset the effects of higher debt servicing costs. It is crucial for investors to stay informed about the changing economic conditions and adjust their investment strategies accordingly.

Looking into 2024, the outlook for global economic growth appears to be slightly more positive. As the year progresses, investors should remain vigilant and keep an eye on the progress of investment markets and related investment insights.

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