On-going Advice

Lyfords does more than identifying if it’s in your interest to move your pension. We will provide a plan, based on your overall assets on how to achieve your retirement income target.

They are not just investment advisers. Often clients will want to look at whether they are on track with their retirement goals, and whether they have the correct insurances in place to protect their family.

There are three major financial risks; premature death, inability to work because of a long-term illness or accident, and the need to fund medical care. The correct insurance programme can mitigate these key risks. We have found private health insurance is important to UK immigrants.

We quote for all the major insurance companies, and then discuss premiums versus quality of the product to help you make an informed decision.

Note:  Lyfords has no ties or obligations to recommend any one particular company. It’s recommendations are qualified using independent research.

Through regular reviews Lyford advisers can keep you on track to meet your financial objectives and for you to achieve a comfortable retirement income. The key to achieving a successful long term financial plan is protecting you from unexpected events whether these are market down turns or health issues. The quantified benefits of using a financial adviser are discussed in the blog The value of a Financial Adviser.

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