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2 June 2016

After thinking about transferring my pension from the UK for about three years, I finally decided to do something about it. 
I enquired with two or three different companies but after each conversation I was more confused than ever.  I just didn’t know where to start or what I was looking for.  Until I spoke to Alison.  It was like talking to a very knowledgeable friend. 

I don’t know much about pensions and to be honest it’s one of those things that doesn’t really interest me as long as I have one and it’s the right one for me! So it was nice to just pass it over to an expert who was really helpful and explained things in my language!  All I had to do was provide everything!  I found Lyfords (in particular Alison and Lucy) to be very professional but also very personable  – I got the impression I wasn’t just another client and I am so grateful for all their help in getting the best for me.  Transferring my pension with Lyfords has been a breeze because I have just handed everything to them and I’m glad it’s all sorted now. 

I would definitely recommend using Lyfords.  They are brilliant!
Anne Rab, Christchurch

13 April 2015
I needed advice when I wanted to move my pension.  I found a lot of companies were eager to help, too eager, but not really wanting to cover the many issues that I would need to understand before making the decision.
With Lyfords it was a no high pressure sales pitch and each year they followed up to check if I was ready and went through the pros and cons of it all time and time again.

By choosing Lyfords I felt more comfortable about making the transfer without regrets.
What I like most about Lyfords is the communication.  I am confident that now that my pensions have been transferred if I need to look at different options or investments in the future I can get an informed and unbiased opinion from them.
P Rowe, Auckland.

18 May 2015

I did look in to some of the larger pension transfer companies, wondering if they would be a "safer" bet but kept returning to Lyfords' webpage and decided that I felt happier with a smaller company rather than a larger one, where I may get lost in they system or possibly have inadequately trained staff moving my life savings across to the other side of the world. And what a perfect decision I made!

From the onset, Alison, her husband and their devoted staff filled my emailing system with information. Information about new tax changes which I knew nothing about and advice on what I should do. Forms were emailed and completed (by this stage my husband had also decided to transfer his pension). It all seemed a little too easy. I was regularly contacted and updated mainly about delays at the UK end)... but our pensions seemed to arrive in no time at all... and were placed safely in the hands of a QROPS pension fund. It was great to have Richard on site to give all the information we needed regarding our investment choices.

We both now feel passionately about others transferring their pensions so that they too can relax safe in the knowledge that their retirement in their chosen home country will be a prosperous one! I have and will continue to recommend Lyfords to others. Friends and colleagues who have used their services have been as equally amazed with their professionalism, friendliness and willingness to answer questions... at any time of the day!

A Lawson, Christchurch

29 December 2014
I was entirely ignorant of the situation around UK pensions until that emerged in a conversation with a friend who was using Lyfords to transfer his scheme to New Zealand.
He gave me your contact details and I think it took two telephone conversations and one meeting to organise the entire thing.  My situation was relatively simple in that I only had one scheme in the UK but I was amazed at how quickly the whole process was completed.
As I said earlier, I was until recently unaware of the problems with having a UK pension scheme while being resident in New Zealand, and the short period when I was aware and fell into that category was rather concerning so your efforts in transferring the plan to this country are very much appreciated.
If you could circulate my thanks for a great job, done seamlessly and quickly to Alison and to anyone else in the office who was involved, I’d be very grateful.
A Lindsay, Wellington

16 February, 2015

I chose Lyfords to help with the transfer of my UK NHS pension after researching various options and hearing positive feedback from a number of people.
I received an excellent service from my first phone call, to a face to face meeting and then subsequent phone calls and email communications. Everyone provided a friendly, supportive, timely and professional service. All my questions were answered with patience as I worked through the necessary process. I was provided with an impressive range of written information and then the personal touch gave me confidence to make my decisions. And it was great to have help with the complex paperwork and all the forms.
The service resulted in a quick, stress-free and happy outcome. I would definitely recommend Lyfords to friends and colleagues.
C Murphy, Lower Hutt.

November 2014

“I wanted to move my UK pension to New Zealand but had no idea where to start.  I did an internet search, called a few companies and chose Lyfords.  Why?  Because I felt they were the right people to use and that they knew what they were doing.
In financial markets it’s more about trust than anything else and I felt like I could trust Lyfords.  It’s the only thing really. 
UK pension transfers are often a significant part of a person’s wealth and it’s important to get it right.
The process was easy and pain free.
We have recommended Lyfords to our friends because our transfer was so easy when we worked with them”.
Louis Bernstone,  Auckland
“Prior to working with Lyfords I didn’t have a realistic financial plan for my future.  I have a professional career and I wanted a professional financial adviser to advise me.
Qualifications and experience of an adviser were important to me and advisers at Lyfords are both highly qualified and experienced.
With Lyfords I got my savings plan underway and have just managed to buy a house through Kiwsaver – just in time before the LVR changes came in!
What I like most about Lyfords is the personalised friendly service with tailored advice specifically to my needs.
I have recommended Lyfords to others because they are good at keeping in touch and keeping me up to date on financial matters as well as making sure I have the right insurance.  They are my one stop financial advisory firm”.
Charlotte Stephens, Wellington

I first learned of Alison Renfrew several years ago when she was being interviewed by the National Radio on Financial Planning. I was so impressed of her knowledge and selfless approach to helping people to meet their goals. I had been sceptical of Financial Advisers because I had a belief that they did not offer a service that is in the best interest of the client. However I realised after hearing Alison, that there are professionals in our community that do act in our best interest.

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Alison and everything I believed of her was correct. She displays a high level of integrity, trust and honesty. She is transparent when speaking about the services she offers and giving financial advice, which helped me feel relaxed and that I was in good hands. Not only has Alison been generous in her time with helping our family, she has also given financial advice to my son of 24 years of age. He now has adequate insurance that fully covers him should anything adverse happen.

Young people are not always aware of what they need to protect themselves and to build their future. This is where Alison has the expertise to guide and give direction. I would recommend anyone that is looking for financial planning advice especially young adults to contact Alison.

Jin Govind, Wellington
10 April 2015
When we had decided to transfer our UK pensions to New Zealand it was difficult to find out the costs involved in transferring them and what the implications were to us relating to the changing regulations in the UK.
We chose Lyfords to help us with transferring our pensions because they provided clear advice that enabled us to make an informed decision on the value to us of transferring our UK pensions.
Lyfords stood out from the other pension providers because their experience was obvious which was reflected in their clear and valuable advice.
We now know exactly where our wealth is located and feel we have far better control over it for our future benefit. 
What we like most about Lyfords is the clear communication on the process involved and progress along the way.  We found Lyfords to be very easy to deal with and they made the entire transfer process worry free.
M and S Fryer,  Auckland
26 May 2015

Lyfords have made, what appeared to me to be, a very complex process - very straight forward. My UK pension was transferred with a minimum of fuss, with Lyfords providing all the support and advice that I needed to reach this outcome as quickly as possible.

Scot Fordham
As with most ex-pats, I had no previous experience in transferring a UK pension into a QROPS scheme. All websites offering financial advice promised the earth and delivered rather less than expected.

Lyfords explained the complex transfer process in clear, unambiguous language. Timescales and costs were clearly defined from the outset and the friendly, professional approach inspired immediate confidence.

All documentation was processed quickly and efficiently, progress was regularly reported and the transfer went through without a hitch.

What I like about Lyfords is their professionalism and transparency.

Based on the above I would be happy to refer other to Lyfords.

Alison's relaxed yet professional approach rapidly dispels any doubts about the experience, competence and effectiveness of Lyfords.
Brian McCandless, Te Anau
9 December 2014
We had heard that there was new legislation coming in regarding transferring pensions from the UK, so we contacted Lyford's and they very quickly summed up what was happening and how it might affect us. With this advice we decided to continue on with the process and with their help and knowledge we navigated the sometimes tricky process.
I had contacted several asset managers but went with Lyford's as they were so transparent and knowledgeable and just worked really hard for us and with us to get the best result.
Our particular offshore pension scheme threw a few curveballs along the way but Lyford's were unfazed throughout, and I believe if it wasn't for this I probably would have given up long before completing the transfer.
I can't recommend Lyford's highly enough and if you are thinking about transferring your pension or are just after some advice regarding anything financial, just get in touch.
Simon Wade, Auckland
26 September 2014
The TV advertising alerted my husband and I to the fact that we needed to be proactive in bringing our pensions out from the UK.  I used a search engine to find people who could do this for us.  For some reason I was drawn to Lyfords.  After speaking to Alison Renfrew I decided that she was an efficient, intelligent and well-informed lady whom we could trust to work well on our behalf.
She proved to be an extremely kind, capable and tenacious soul; working on our behalf tirelessly to get our pensions transferred (sometimes, as in our case, not an easy or quick process).  We would recommend her services to anyone thinking of transferring their pensions.
S Parker, South Otago.
Steve and I have been working with Alison and Richard at Creating Wealth/ Lyfords for our insurance and investments for about 10 years.

Being super busy like many other people we know, it made a huge difference to us when we moved to using the online OneAnswer capability three of four years ago. We set up a monthly automatic payment into our savings fund, Richard monitors investment performance and send us an email with information when he recommends a change. All I have to do now is send a reply email with permission…there’s no paperwork or forms to complete. It’s so easy!  
Bev Slater, Upper Hutt
September 2013

Thanks for the financial update.   As we get older it gets more difficult to keep up with, let alone, understand what's going on in the financial world, and we take comfort in the fact that you are able to keep up with the play keep our interests in view.   We do appreciate receiving your updates.
Trevor Briesemen, Wellington
We've just had Katie's quarterly statement from our new superannuation fund manager in NZ and despite it only having been started less than two months ago it has already accrued a healthy little amount of interest.

When it was in the UK, they NEVER told you anything about how much money it had made...only the Prudential did that and then only once a year!!
I genuinely feel that we are making more interest in NZ and it's nice to be regularly informed as to the performance of the policies.

Thanks for your recommendations  Alison.
Steven Pass, Lower Hutt
... one of the reasons we enjoy you so much – it is a serious business but you don’t make it ‘heavy’.
Sandra Blake, Wellington
28 September 2012

Two years ago we entrusted our retirement financial monies to Lyfords. During this time we have seen our funds increase with steady return growths.

The team at Lyfords are very approachable, sincere family people who care about how they invest money for the best returns for their clients. It is also important to us that when they are away on well earned holidays they have efficient backup personnel if needed.

During these harder financial times we are very fortunate to have Lyfords caring for our hard earned savings.

S Reynolds & R Walker, Wellington


Lyford Investment Management Limited and Lyford Financial Services Limited are operated by Alison & Richard Renfrew. The companies provide advice based on decades of experience.  Both Alison and Richard have earned their Diplomas in Financial Planning, are Certified Financial Planners (CFP is an internationally recognised designation) and Authorised Financial Advisers.  

Lyfords provides full financial planning services including retirement planning & pension transfers.

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