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Million Plus Pensions

$1,000,000+ pension to transfer? 
We'll transfer it for you with NO upfront fees. 
You can't beat better than 'free' can you?


How?  Investment advisers charge on-going service fees the initial fee can be waived.  

Why? We want to make it more attractive, for those who have larger pensions, to apppoint Lyfords as their investment advisers.

Conditional offer.  We are confident that you will be delighted with your decision to appoint Lyfords as your investment advisers.  We'll be doing a lot of initial work for free. In the unlikely event that you choose to make a full withdrawal of your funds within the first 30 months of transferring them we'll charge you our standard fees which are available on request. 

Everybody wins.


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Lyford Investment Management Limited and Lyford Financial Services Limited are operated by Alison & Richard Renfrew. The companies provide advice based on decades of experience.  Both Alison and Richard have earned their Diplomas in Financial Planning, are Certified Financial Planners (CFP is an internationally recognised designation) and Authorised Financial Advisers.  

Lyfords provides full financial planning services including retirement planning & pension transfers.

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